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Welcome to Double L Sales an Authorized Golden Technologies Dealer. Call us at 1-928-865-1094 and we will call you right back if it is long distance or email us at Lindatom@VTC.NET and let us contact your insurer to get your needed items at  Zero or Little cost to you. On the other hand if you are in a position like we were, where our Insurance contributed nothing, there is no better value for the money than these quality products. We have low overhead and are dedicated to helping others in need like us and will pass on the savings to you!
We specialize in these exceptional quality mobility, handicapped products and supplies.
We support this line because of the excellent service, value and usefullness we have enjoyed through personal experience.
Our line carries many different models and styles of :

All prices subject to change
Mobility Handicapped Electric Scooters available in 3 and 4 wheel Disability scooters with several different models and colors. Super Quality, Amazing Value, Pay Just - $1050 to $2695 on MSRP's from $2099 to $3595

Handicapped lift chairs in several different models of handicapped, disability, Recliner, Lift Chair and Chaise Lounges with a wide variety of options, styles, and fabrics.Super Quality, Amazing Value, Pay Just - $389 to $2575 on MSRP's From $498 to $3200

Power Wheel Chair line includes the Alero foldable portable wheel chair. The standard size Alante' power wheel chair and the luxury, heavy duty Compass and Alante' 2 handicapped, disabled wheel chair models.Super Quality, Amazing Value, Pay Just -  $3599 to $4299 on MSRP's from $4895 to $5845

Hospital type Adjustable Beds. Two different models , 3 mattress styles,Super Quality, Amazing Value, Bed frames Pay Just - $1222 to $3094 on MSRP's from $1638 to $4146. Mattresses Just $655 to $1521 on MSRP's from $878 to $2038